200pcs 15mm, 0.6″, 5/8″ long, Antique Patina Old Copper Look, Escutcheon Pins, Tiny Nails, Brads, Rivets


Technical Specifications:

Material: Antique Patina Old Copper plated steel
Coating: Antique Patina Old Copper plated
Head type: rounded / oval
Head dia: 0.1" or 2.6mm
Length: 0.6" or 5/8" or 15mm
Shank diameter: 0.047" or #18 gauge or 1.2mm
Shank type: round, serrated
Packaging: 200 pieces

They come dark patinated, so you can make your own color tone by using steel wool or rough cloth and polish them. Longer you will polish head, lighter and brighter copper will be.

Designed with a round finished head, they are typically used for finish work and decorative applications.

Decorative escutcheon pins are suitable for pinning runners and cone escapes, sawtooth hanger nails, installing decorative door plates, house numbers, or general craft projects. They are often used for installing hardware on jewelry boxes and other craft projects, woodworking, dollhouse. Available in a range of sizes to suit your needs.

Also available in gold, nickel, brass and copper plated, antique silver, antique brass and antique copper plated.
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