Antique Vintage Brass Patina Escutcheon Pins #17, Nails, Brads. 200pcs 1.4×8-13mm long


Technical Specifications:

Brass Patina Antique Vintage nails are made of steel with extra thick layers of brass. As a result of additional oxide, they have an antique/vintage look. They come dark with an aged look. Therefore use steel wool or rough cloth and brush them and you will get the desired variation of perfectly looking antique brass.

Nails have sharp point, therefore, allows accurate nailing on soft or hard (oak) material. Big 3.3mm diameter of a head compared to 1.4mm (gauge 17) shank gives these nails various application usage as:
-furniture (sofa, door) decoration
-medieval armory and weapon replicas
-antique chests & trunks

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They are perfect for restoration and for making all old looking items.

Material: Brass Plated Steel – antique vintage patina
Diameter: 1.4 mm (gauge 17G)
Head Diameter: 3.3mm (+-0.10mm)
Head type: rounded
Length: 8-13 mm
Shank: plain

One package:
200 pcs

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Ideal for any home/professional use, hobby, arts, crafts, accordion making…

We have the biggest selection of small and tiny tacks, pins and nails. If not online, ask for customization.

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