Blackbird Lasting nails for Hand Shoemaking Ø0.9 Copper plated


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Technical Specifications:

Weight 1000 g

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Blackbird Lasting nails for Bespoke Hand Shoemaking

Thin shank 0.9 mm (wire gauge 19) lasting nails are specially polished and treated for smooth shank and tip. They are so thin that they don’t cut or tear apart leather while lasting.

Please user these very thin nails with caution because of easier bending. Use them when you are working with fine and thin leather. Also consider them if don’t like to damage shoe last with thick nails. If you prefer solid brass or bright steel lasting nails, check other listings.

Copper plated nails

Advantage of those nails is thin layer of copper, which prevents oxidation of bright steel. Use those nails on light colour leather.

We make them from bright steel in our workshop in Europe.

850g (~1.8 lbs) or 400g  (~0.88 lbs) of Ø 0.9 mm (gauge 19) L=16 mm – 20mm